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As our company name Brands & Logos 4 Sale Pty Ltd suggests, we provide a mechanism by means of which the owners of trade marks can discretely advertise that their trade marks are, or could be, for sale. Instead of placing a short lived advertisement in a newspaper, and probably not reaching any prospective purchaser at all, we offer a long lasting venue which is bound to be seen by any interested party. Each year there are more and more trade marks applied for and registered. A new application for a trade mark will be blocked by an earlier registration for the same, or a very similar, trade mark. So each year it becomes harder and harder for new applications to be successful.

The more savvy applicants do a search of earlier trade marks before filing their application. Others just file their applications and await the outcome of the Examiner's search. Either way they get to find out about a potentially blocking earlier registration. If the owner of that earlier registration is represented by our company, our company name with its "4 SALE" component is part of the official record which comes to their attention. They may well then decide to open up purchase negotiations as a better alternative to adopting another trade mark and repeating the whole process.

To give an example, the publicly available records of the Australian Trade Marks Office ATMOSS database for Trade Mark Registration No. 1,223,567 COOLCRETE for cement, concrete, etc. is set out below. This is what is presented to a person who also, but later, thinks that COOLCRETE would be a good trade mark for their proposed business.

Would you like to put your trade mark in the same advantageous position? If so, please telephone or email us.

Trade Mark Details

Trade Mark: 1223567

Lodgement Date: 11-FEB-2008
Registered from: 11-FEB-2008
Date of Acceptance: 13-APR-2008
Acceptance Advertised: 12-JUN-2008
Registration Advertised: 09-OCT-2008
Entered on Register: 22-SEP-2008
Renewal Date: 11-FEB-2018
Class/es: 1, 19
Status: Registered/Protected
Kind: n/a
Type of Mark: Word
14 Killara Avenue
Address for Service: Brands & Logos 4 Sale Pty Ltd
Level 10
The BAYER Building
275 Alfred Street
Goods & Services
Class: 1 Additives, preservatives and agglutinants for cement and concrete included in this class
Class: 19 Non-metallic building materials including cement and concrete included in this class and articles fabricated therefrom included in this class
Indexing Details- Word Constituents

The above “Trade Mark Advertisement System and Method” is the subject of Australian Patent Application No. 2014 204 522 “Brands & Logos 4 Sale Pty Limited shares office facilities with Fraser Old & Sohn, Patent and Trade Mark Attorneys